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What people say about us

Ms. Sujatha Mohan
Vice Principal
Excelsior English Medium School Kottayam, Kerala

Viva Education books are very students and teachers friendly. Their approach is really good.

Mr. Jyothis Chandran
Jyothis Central School Trivandrum, Kerala

Books are child friendly. Students are easily understanding the concepts as well as teacher are also finding them easy to teach.

Sr Sraddha
Nirmala Public School Pala, Kerala

The best thing about Viva is that the quality of the books is good in regards to its content and the way its presented…. I do appreciate the good service that they provide us. Keep up the good work and do well.

Ms. Mini Abraham
Mar Baselious Public School Kottayam, Kerala

We have been associating with Viva publication for a few years now. For kindergarten I selected their books because of very special features such as their periodic training sessions for teachers and frequent follow ups. I wish them success for all their future endeavors.