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Early Learners - English Capital Letters
ISBN : 9789389400229
Publish : 2020
Pages : 96
Price : 245.00

Early Learners - English Capital Letters


Early Learners series is a set of 7 books for children studying at preprimary levels. These colourfully illustrated activity-based books aim at teaching various skills and concepts in a well-graded and thematic manner. Each book has a number of activities and practice tasks to develop age-appropriate skills such as understanding concepts, vocabulary development, letter and sound recognition, and mathematical concepts.

Salient features of the series:

  • systematically graded lessons
  • easy-to-follow instructions
  • apt and colourful illustrations
  • a variety of age-appropriate exercises
  • group activities
  • activities to build concentration


Books in the series:

English - Capital Letters - I
English - Small Letters - 2
English - Phonics and Spelling - 3
Numbers- 1
Numbers - 2
Environmental Studies - 1
​Environmental Studies – 2