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Perfect Mathematics - 1
ISBN : 9788194165316
Publish : 2020
Pages : 208
Price : 275.00

Dr Acha Garg & Simarpan Kaur

Perfect Mathematics - 1


Perfect Mathematics is a carefully graded series that conforms to the National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) and adheres to the NCERT syllabus for mathematics. The books give comprehensive coverage to all the topics through clear and direct explanation of the concepts. Various activities and exercises have been included to develop logical thinking and reasoning among the young learners.


Special Features of Perfect Mathematics for Classes 1 and 2:


  • Based on the latest NCF guidelines
  • Carefully graded content written in simple and lucid language
  • Concepts introduced through interesting activities and engaging stories
  • Exercises given after every topic for hands-on practice
  • Important concept-related information given in Know More
  • Questions based on thinking skills given in Brainwork
  • Quick Recall and Think and Answer given at the end of each chapter to reinforce the concepts learnt
  • Link and Learn includes questions to help students link mathematics with other subjects
  • Interesting activities given in Activity Time at the end of each chapter
  • Maths Fun includes activity-based questions such as Do it Yourself and Fun with Scrapbook as also Riddle Time and Computer Task
  • Do and Learn strengthens the understanding of concepts through a varied set of questions
  • Mathematics Olympiad sample paper given to develop interest among the students for national and international level competitions



About the Editors:

Dr Asha Garg received her PhD degree from the University of Delhi. She superannuated as Associate Professor of Mathematics in Maitreyi College, University of Delhi, in 2018 and was hailed as one of the best teachers in her college.

Simarpan Kaur is an educationist and a teacher with more than 18 years of enriching teaching experience. She is TGT (Mathematics) in Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. Professionally, she is M.Sc. (Mathematics) and B/Ed. She is a Gold Medalist from Delhi University for her excellence in Academics. She has also contributed to NCERT for development of new techniques in imparting Mathematics.