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Amaira Mathematics Book - 1
ISBN : 9789389400854
Publish : 2024
Pages : 176
Price : 425.00


Amaira Mathematics Book - 1


Amaira Mathematics is a carefully graded series of eight books. All the books have been designed keeping in view the recommendations of National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage 2022 (NCF-FS 2022) (for classes 1 and 2) and of National Curriculum Framework for School Education 2023 (NCF-SE 2023) (for classes 3 to 8).



Special Features of Amaira Mathematics (for Classes I & II):

  • Based on NCF-FS 2022 guidelines
  • Content written in a simple and lucid language, and suitably graded for each level
  • Concepts introduced through interesting activities and engaging stories
  • Exercises provided after each chapter for hands-on practice
  • Questions based on life skills, and on everyday activities
  • The book will develop numerical ability in a child.
  • The book will nurture a child’s interest and curiosity in geometrical facts and figures.
  • The book will develop positive learning habits.
  • The book will make a child capable of deciding which approach is best for problem-solving.
  • Mathematics Olympiad sample questions provided to develop interest among students for national and international level competitions


About the Author:

Mrs. VERDA PUNJ, B.A, (Hons.), B.Ed

She has been teaching Mathematics at D.A.V School, Delhi for last 28 years. She is also actively contributes by writing Mathematics articles in National News Papers and in Magazines.