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Tech Dot Com Book - 1
ISBN : 9789389400649
Publish : 2024
Pages : 84
Price : 265.00

Preeti Vasudeva

Tech Dot Com Book - 1


Tech Dot Com is a series of 8 books for classes 1 to 8. These books are meticulously aligned with the guidelines set forth by the CBSE, as well as syllabi from other leading educational boards. Recommendations of NEP 2020 and NCF- FS 2022 are considered and followed while preparing the text and exercises of the series. 


What makes the Tech Dot Com series special?

  • Learning Objectives: List of key learning objectives, ensuring students understand the concepts they will grasp upon completion of the chapter
  • Remember: Vital points related to specific topics are highlighted for easy reference and better retention
  • Know More: Supplementary information to broaden the student’s knowledge beyond the chapter’s core concepts
  • Knowledge Check: Periodic questions interspersed amidst chapters to assess and reinforce the student’s understanding
  • Quick Recap: Summary provided at the end of each chapter for efficient revision and recapitulation
  • Exercise Time: A blend of objective and subjective questions categorized under various segments to solidify understanding and encourage critical thinking
  • Fun with Learning: Distinctive questions formulated to strengthen comprehension as well as augment the student’s abilities in observation, imagination, and creativity
  • Apply Your Learning: Thought-provoking questions aimed at fostering the application of knowledge and improving thinking skills
  • Form a Link: Questions that enable students to connect with previously learned concepts for a more cohesive understanding
  • Activity and Project: Hands-on activities and projects to stimulate observation, imagination, creativity, and collaborative learning
  • Teacher’s Notes: Useful annotations for educators, providing additional guidance and suggestions for further student instruction
  • Supplementary Chapters: Meticulously crafted chapters to enhance students’ understanding and engagement with current coding and technology topics while catering to their unique learning needs


About the Author:

Preeti Vasudeva, PGDCA, MSc (Computer Science) is an educator with a reputed school in Delhi NCR. She is an accomplished Computer Science teacher having an experience of over 18 years.