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Headquartered in New Delhi, Amaira Books is a young educational brand, committed to helping learners right from their toddling days to the time when they choose their professional careers.
Amaira’s range includes books on English Language Teaching (ELT), Hindi, Mathematics, Science and General Knowledge, besides pre-school books. To make learning both enjoyable and effective, most titles include hands-on interactive study sessions and activities with the aim of knowledge through fun.
Our publications are notable for their quality content, high editorial standards, aesthetic design and top-class production values, which makes us a smart choice for teachers and parents.

Our Values

Books from Amaira are designed to kindle curiosity in children and make them lifelong learners. They sensitize students against discrimination on the basis of gender, religion or race and are free of stereotypes.The books endorse ethical conduct, empathy, social intelligence and kindness. We are motivated by the ideal of ‘quality content for better education’.